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Earn Commission by Becoming a Wirefly Affiliate!

Through its Wirefly Affiliate Program, Simplexity, LLC, the leader in online wireless phone activations, offers you the opportunity to share in our success.

On average, users are replacing their cell phones every one to two years. That translates into tremendous growth for the wireless industry. Why not benefit from that growth yourself?

If you own a web site, we make it easy for you to offer free cell phones with new service plans. You don't need to deal with inventory or worry about rate plan changes—that's all handled on Wirefly.com, Simplexity's flagship consumer web site. We provide you with all the tools you need to earn commissions from sales you refer to Wirefly, including text links, banners, and a product feed containing images of the our best-selling phones to entice your visitors to click through to Wirefly.com.

As a Wirefly affiliate, you'll be partnering with an award-winning brand ranked "Best in Overall Customer Experience" for wireless providers by Keynote Systems, a leading Internet market research firm. In fact, web shoppers have indicated that they prefer Wirefly over carrier sites like Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile; and the share of wireless activations by authorized third-party agents keeps getting bigger.

Be part of this growth industry by joining the Wirefly Affiliate program today!